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About FEZ

“ALLIANCE” Free Economic Zone is the First FEZ, established in Armenia,
launched in August, 2013
, according to Government decision No. 785-A of 18.07.2013.

Company-Operator is «Sitronics-Armenia» CJSC — 100% subsidiary of Russian «Sitronics» Corp. («AFK-System» Group).

Total area available for Residents – more than 60 000 sq. meters ready-to-use facilities,
located in the capital City – Yerevan.

Our FEZ residents are exempt from all taxes except its employees’ payroll taxes

  • VAT — 0%
  • Profit tax — 0%
  • Import customs duties — 0%
  • Export customs duties — 0%
  • Dividend taxes — 0%
  • Real estate and property taxes- 0%


“ALLIANCE” Free Economic Zone is the First FEZ, established in Armenia, launched in August, 2013.

Our Mission

Our main goal and mission is

  • Promotion of foreign direct investment
  • Creation of new jobs
  • Increase in the volume of Armenian exports
  • Creation of prerequisites for sustainable economic development

Main types of Activity

According to the mandate issued by the government of Armenia, projects in the following areas of activity are allowed to be implemented on the territory of the Alliance FEZ:

Electronics (electronic devices and devices, microelectronics, digital technologies);

Precision engineering (including precision instrument making);

Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology;

Information technology and software;

Alternative energy (including energy saving technologies);

Industrial Design;

Telecommunications (development and production of technological equipment, systems and materials for data / information transmission);

— other areas of the sphere of high and science-intensive technologies.

And also, according to the decree of the Government of the Republic of Armenia dated December 15, 2014, registration of residents implementing investment projects for the production of products that are not produced anywhere else in Armenia at the time of application is permitted on the territory of RAO Mars CJSC.


Being a part of our FEZ means to our Residents to have a great synergy effects, i.e. benefit out of right to deal with any Company, located in FEZ territory without routine Customs formalities, buy and sell products and services using simplified invoicing and being VAT free,

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    Chief Executive Officer
    Lily Peterson
    Managing Director
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    Senior Supervisor