FEZ residents are exempt from all taxes, except for the comprehensive income tax on employee salaries (personal income tax = 23%):

  • income tax — 0%
  • VAT — 0%
  • import customs duties — 0%
  • export customs duties — 0%
  • dividend taxes — 0%
  • real estate and property taxes — 0%
  • In addition, FEZ residents are exempt from all currency restrictions. They are granted the right to repatriate investment capital, profits and dividends.

Residents have the opportunities:

  • minimization of costs associated with export and import customs duties,
  • to establish a competitive price for manufactured products,
  • to hire available skilled labor, in the absence of any restrictions on the hiring of foreign personnel,
  • to conduct business with a minimum of administrative barriers in the context of simplified procedures (“one-stop shop” services and customs clearance on the spot on the territory of the FEZ),
  • to access to modern infrastructural facilities of the FEZ and the capital of Armenia;
  • to obtain synergetic effects from cooperation with other resident companies, as well as from the placement of their production and research facilities in different areas of the FEZ under the same preferential terms.